August 20, 2018

Gone are the days where Mum would make a lovely packed lunch, and have it sitting on the bench in the morning ready for school. How amazing was that?! I didn't have to think about what to have, mull over whether I have money for that, decide if I want chocolate chip cookies or brownie, or literally do anything other than pick it up and put it in my bag. 


Fast forward to now. I get up with enough time to have 30 seconds spare before I have to run to the train, I have a one shelf in the pantry the length of my arm, and one shelf in the fridge. My lunches would be leftovers from the night before if I bothered planning for that, and I frequently just tell myself I will sort it out in the morning (read back to having 30 seconds spare).


Eating is one of my favourite activities of all time. I lay in bed at night considering what I'm going to eat the next day and already getting excited about breakfast. Thinking about lunch at least 24 hours before lunch hits should do me some favours on the planning front. To be fair, I am already reasonably good at taking my lunch, but, more often that not it is something thrown together at the last minute with minimal thought or inspiration. Throughout the year my lunches have become faster and faster options to pick up.


So, I've decided to go a whole year without buying lunch at work. There is only 1 rule to this if you want to try it with me:






Simple! It doesn't matter if you've bought pre-made lunches at the supermarket at the start of the week ready to go, it doesn't matter if it is grabbing a packet of 2 minute noodles off the shelf as you rush out the door. The fact is, you've made an effort to achieve one thing this morning. Other people focus on making their bed, or getting out of bed at 6am...yawn!...Make your lunch! That happiness will last with you all damn day! 


If you need another reason to consider taking your lunch with you think about this - if you are working 5 days per week and bought lunch every day for £5 each week you are spending £25...each year (given a 48 week working year) you will spend approximately £1,200 on lunch 5x/week. If you take leftovers, bulk cook at the start of the week, or make sandwiches/wraps every day your lunch could cost as little as £2 per day or less, that's only £480. I don't know about you but an extra £700ish a year sounds like my cup of tea (also very cheap) 


I'll be chronicling my year over on my Instagram page @erinelizabeth.nutrition


Please tag me in any of your photos if you're joining me, I'd love to see what you're choosing for lunch! 


Looking forward to it!


Erin Elizabeth 


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