Work Lunches Made Easy

May 10, 2018


Ever find yourself rushing out the door thinking, dam I completely forgot to pack anything for lunch? It's so easy to do and I know many people who have been through this process for so many years that their normal now is to buy lunch out every day.

Don't get me wrong, there are some delicious, healthy options outs there, but, can you imagine the money you would save, and the extra time you would have spare in your lunch break actually taking a break instead of stressing about what to eat?


My challenge to you is for the next week pack lunch every single day. Not sure how? Let me help you.


Lunch can be broken down into 4 basic aspects:

1) fruit 

2) vegetables 

3) protein

4) carbohydrate


I am a huge fan of delicious, balanced lunches. Here's a sneak peak into the past week in my lunchbox.

Monday: Wrap with beans and salad + 1 apple 

Tuesday: Roast vegetable salad with nuts + banana

Wednesday: Pesto pasta with tomatoes + berries & yoghurt

Thursday: Salmon and cream cheese with green salad + 2 mandarins

Friday: Quinoa bowl with chickpeas and roast vegetables + 1 orange


Follow my Instagram erinelizabeth.nutrition for more ideas on what to put in your lunchbox!


Much love,

Erin Elizabeth xx




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