Nourish Yourself

May 25, 2018


Time and time again I get asked, what's the secret to being healthy? And, time and time again tell people there's no secret, we're not hiding anything, there is no magic pill. However, if you do adopt some healthy lifestyle changes you're more likely to be on track to health and wellness.


Here I've compiled 5 tips and tricks I would encourage you to adopt or learn more about. I cannot encourage you enough to learn about what you are putting in your body. The more detail you know about your body the more you realise you really are what you eat.


  1. Learn how read the nutrition information panel - the more you know about what's in your food, the better informed you are

  2. Make half of every meal vegetables or fruit - This is the number 1 rule I encourage everyone to follow. Fruit and vegetables are jam packed with nutrients and the more you get, particularly of vegetables, the healthier you will be.

  3. Stay hydrated - keep your pee as clear as possible! Aim for around 2L per day 

  4. Plan your weekly meals and snacks - Planning meals in advance has many benefits, it reduce mealtime and grocery shopping stress, it encourages you to see your whole weeks food as a whole, and it's a great budgeting tool

  5. Portion control - so many people come through my clinic and tell me they know their portion sizes are too big. Little steps like reducing your bowl or plate size, purchases smaller glasses and mugs etc are great ways to help reduce your portion size without feeling like you're starving yourself

Over time I will be covering more tips and tricks and adding to this series. If you would like more personalised support please schedule in a free consultation call and we can discuss the packages I have on offer to support you.


Much love,

Erin Elizabeth xx

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