Start Prioritising You

Are you ready to stop binge eating and emotional eating and have a normal, easy, and caring relationship with food and your body?

If you have been struggling to control your eating, feeling stress around food, and feeling overwhelmed by where to start, this may be the most important help you get all year. I am currently accepting applications for the Food+Mood Programme for 3 women who are ready to commit to changing their health and lifestyle and improve their mental health for good. 

With Food+Mood you will...

  • Get 1:1 help and accountability from a Specialist Mental Health Dietitian who helps women escape from binge eating, and emotional eating, and feel like they are confident and in control of their eating habits and lifestyle 

  • Learn how to trust your body again

  • Get access to a secure app where you get text and phone support AS OFTEN as you need. This means that you get a fully personalised plan that is specifically tailored to you, your body, and your needs.

  • Discover what food and lifestyle structure actually work for you WITHOUT taking shakes, supplements or going on a diet


If you're interested in the making 2020 the time you decide to prioritise YOU and would like to apply for the Food+Mood Programme sign up for a free introduction call to discuss whether this programme would suit you and your needs. 

Food+Mood Programme

This package is entirely tailored to you and your needs. You will have access to the 12 Week Food+Mood Programme PLUS you will be granted access to the Practice Better app where you can arrange phone/video calls and message me whenever you like. During our first session we’ll spend approx 60mins together, via video or telephone, where I’ll do a full assessment of you. We’ll explore your relationship with food, your day-to-day habits, your body image, and your typical food intake. We will talk about your motivators and barriers, and together we will develop goals for you to work towards over the course of the package. After this initial session, we’ll talk as regularly as you need, I'll always be at the other end of the phone ready to support you and cheer you on.

My Approach​


I want to empower you with evidence-based knowledge to help you say no to dieting, no to calorie counting and yes to healthy habits that free you from guilt and self-judgement. My approach is to guide you towards achieving realistic goals that you will be able to sustain long term - long after we work together.  

I work through a systems approach that takes into account more than just using internal motivation to help drive change. Together we will work through all aspects of your life, your daily schedule, your home and work environment and your stress levels. Creating healthy, supportive environments around you is one of the key factors we will focus on to help you achieve your goals. Along with this, we will also explore your food beliefs, behaviours, and internal self-talk while delving deep into what food means to you. I’ll help you become more aware of the internal and external factors behind your food choices and help you to create new habits around food. Break the cycle of guilt and judgement and get ready to empower yourself to feel less crazy around food.